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Jessica Boyle trading as 'Sport4Tots Dorset'

2018 sport4tots.co.uk.  Email: sport4tots@outlook.com. Address: Sport4tots Dorset, Flat 3, 43 Uppleby Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 3DB, UK.


Here you can discover more about the action packed and fun filled sport sessions for 2-5 year olds, that Sport4Tots have to offer throughout Poole and the surrounding areas. 


At Sport4Tots our motto is play, learn, develop and grow.

PLAY (2 Year Olds)- Our aim is to capture your child's imagination with games to help them learn. Whether it be protecting their ball from a 'crocodile' or running to chase an 'octopus'.


LEARN (3 Year Olds) - Whilst having fun we like to help your child learn foundation skills for sport e.g. catching, throwing and striking a ball.


DEVELOP (4-5 Year Olds) - At this stage our coaches teach your child specific skills for each sport for example which direction to score for your team in football or how to tag in rugby.


GROW - Whilst learning sports skills your child will learn to take turns, share, work as a team and gain confidence - all skills to help them grow as a person.

Welcome to the Sport4Tots website!

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Ollie, Ethan, Blake